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Title: Comparison of Estimates of the Costs of Penalty Payments in a MV Distribution Network Obtained by Simulation and from Observed Data
Authors: Dětřich, V
Skala, P
Matonoha, K
Špaček, Z
Blažek, V
Keywords: distribution networks
Monte Carlo
costs of supply interruptions
penalty payments
Issue Date: 15-Feb-2012
Abstract: The paper is devoted to the estimation of the costs of penalty payments to be paid by distribution companies when a guaranteed standard of electricity supply continuity with a limit of the annual number of supply interruptions and a limit of their total annual duration has been introduced. Estimates obtained by simulation and from the observed data for a large 22 kV overhead distribution network are compared. As the electricity supply reliability is being evaluated for individual customers when assessing the compliance with the guaranteed standard, the comparison is carried out at level of individual feeders. Two models of the annual number of supply interruptions on a feeder and two models of the duration of supply interruptions are considered in the simulations. The elaboration of new reliability models was aimed at making the results of the simulation more accurate so that they may enable us to evaluate the effectiveness of the prepared investment and operational interventions to be undertaken in presently operated and in newly designed networks.
Description: 9th International Conference on Probabilistic Methods Applied to Power Systems KTH, Stockholm, Sweden – June 11-15, 2006
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